Science Today 2017 editorial

1st December 2017 Sarah 0

Most new knowledge in South Africa comes from universities, but that is often where it stays. Bound tightly in academic jargon and kept within disciplines, […]


Cactus eaters

1st December 2017 Sarah 0

  Thifhelimbilu Mulateli Rhodes University – MSc   The jointed cactus, Opuntia aurantiaca, got a foothold in South Africa because it is pretty. It gave […]

Particle smashing

Smashing Particles

1st December 2017 Sarah 0

Senamile Masango University of the Western Cape – MSc     The universe is full of mysteries: some in the farthest reaches of space, others […]


Artificial silent protectors

1st December 2017 Sarah 0

  Rodney Buang Sebopelo North West University – MSc   From students through to tenured professors, everyone on a university campus is on the internet. […]


Go with the flow

1st December 2017 Sarah 0

  Katherine Hutchinson University of Cape Town and the South African Environmental Observations Network – PhD The American vessel RV Knorr bobs on the surface […]


Fighting the harlequin

1st December 2017 Sarah 0

  Ingrid Minnaar Stellenbosch University – PhD It looks innocent with its black spots and big eyes, but the harlequin ladybird, an invasive species native […]

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